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Admission Klayra drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. If pregnancy is detected or suspected during treatment Klayra, the drug should be masteron steroids immediately canceled and seek medical advice.However, extensive epidemiological studies have revealed no increased risk of defects in children born to women who received hormones (including CCO) before pregnancy or teratogenic effects when sex hormones were taken inadvertently in early pregnancy. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, before taking any medication consult your doctor.

How and when to take the drug Klayra

Take tablets daily in the indicated order on the package, regardless of the meal, about the same time, with water as needed. Reception of tablets is carried out continuously. It should take one tablet a day successively for 28 days. Pills from each new package is started after reception of the last tablet preceding calendar packaging. Menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding usually starts during the reception of the last calendar packaging of tablets and may not yet be completed before the start of the next calendar packaging masteron propionate. In some women, the bleeding starts after the first tablets of the new calendar packaging. Is less than 1. When skipping pills or incorrect use Pearl Index may increase When used properly Pearl Index (an indicator of the rate of pregnancy in 100 women during the year contraceptive use).

Training package Notebook

To help you keep track of taking pills, attached to the package 7 stickers with the names affixed to them 7 days a week. Select a label that begins with the day of the week that you start receiving pills. For example, if you start reception on Wednesday, using a label that begins with “CP”. Put the sticker on top of the folding package Klayry where there is an inscription “Place here sticker from the days of the week,” so that the name of the first day was over tablet with the number “1”. Now, on each tablet is the name of the corresponding day of the week, and you can see whether there was already drunk a tablet in a given day or not. Follow the direction of the arrow on the packaging, book, drink until all 28 tablets. Usually, the so-called menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding starts during the reception of the second dark red tablet or the white tablets and may still not end before you start the next pack. In some women, the bleeding still persists after taking the first pill from a new package. The next pack is started without interruption, ie the next day after you have finished your current pack, even if the bleeding has not stopped. This means that the next pack should be started on the same day of the week as the current, and that menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding should fall every month on the same day of the week. If you use Klayra medication as instructed, you are protected against unwanted pregnancy even during those 2 days when you take inactive pills.

How to start taking tablets from the first package?

  • If last month hormonal contraceptives are not used. Start receiving Klayra preparation for the first day of the cycle, ie, the first day of menstrual bleeding.
  • If you go to the reception Klayra drug with other COCs, combined contraceptive vaginal ring or patch. Start taking the drug Klayra the next day after you drink the last active tablet (the last tablet with active components) from the current packaging of hormonal contraceptives. If your package contains inactive previous contraceptive pills, throw them away and continue to receive the first package Klayra product without making a break. If you have previously used a combined contraceptive vaginal ring or patch, start taking the drug daily Klayra remove rings / or patch, follow the advice of a doctor.
  • In the transition from a pure progestogen contraceptive method (minipill, injection, implant or intrauterine system with progestogen release (IUD)) You can go to the drug Klayra with pure progestagen method any day (from an implant or an IUD – the day of their removal; with the injection method – the day on which the next scheduled injection), but in all cases within the first 9 days of Klayra drug you should use additional contraceptive measures (eg, condoms).
  • After a miscarriage Consult a physician.
  • After delivery If you have just suffered childbirth, before you start using the drug Klayra doctor may advise you to wait until you do not pass the first normal period. Sometimes it is possible to start earlier. Your doctor will advise you what to do. If, after giving birth you had sexual intercourse, before taking the drug Klayra check for pregnancy or wait until the next menstrual period. If you are breastfeeding masteron steroids and want to take the drug Klayra, first discuss this with your doctor. If you have doubt as to when to start receiving Klayra drug, seek advice from your doctor.

If you were drunk too much of the drug tablets Klayra

On the serious negative consequences of drug overdose Klayra have been reported. If you have taken several active tablets at a time, you may develop nausea or vomiting. Young girls may bleed from the vagina. If you take too many tablets Klayry drug, or find that a certain number of tablets drank child, seek advice from your doctor.

Necessary actions in the case of tablets admission

Tablets without active ingredients (placebo) : If you miss one of the white tablets (2 white tablets at the end of the package), to make it later is not required, because it does not contain any active ingredients, and you are still protected against pregnancy. But However, it is important that you throw away the missed white tablet (or tablets) and continued to take the following tablets at the usual time. Otherwise, the protection against pregnancy may be reduced (as a result of inadvertent extension of the period during which not taken active pills). If you forget to take the last white tablet from the current package, it is important to you, even though it took the first pill from the next package in the allotted time.

The following recommendations are to be omitted from the active tablets (tablets 1-26 in packaging-book) :

Active tablets : Depending on the day menstrualnopodobnoe cycle, which was missed one active pill, you may need to use additional contraceptive measures, for example, a barrier method, such as condoms. Take a tablet in accordance with the following principles. See. Also figure ‘Missed pill “.

  • If any delay in receiving the tablets is less than 12 hours, the contraceptive effect of the drug is preserved. Drink a pill as soon as you remember about it, and the rest take tablets at the usual time.
  • If the delay in reception of the tablet masteron results is more than 12 hours, the contraceptive reliability of the preparation can be reduced. Depending on the day menstrualnopodobnoe cycle in which one tablet has been missed, use additional contraceptive measures, for example, a barrier method, such as condoms. See. Also masteron steroids figure ‘Missed pill “.
  • From packaging missed more than one pill Seek advice from your doctor.

Do not take more than 2 active tablets in one day to make up for missed pills.

If you have forgotten to start a new pack, or missed one or more tablets from the 3rd to the 9th day of the reception, there is a risk that you are already pregnant (if you have had sexual intercourse within the 7 days before missing the tablet). In this case, consult your doctor. The more tablets (particularly with the combination of the two active components in the days from the 3rd to the 24th) is omitted, and the closer they are to the receiving inactive phase tablet, the higher the chance of pregnancy. See. Also figure ‘Missed pill “. buying anabolic steroids testosterone 400 for sale steroid purchase online bodybuilding tops vitaminas con hierro bodybuilding canberra